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Strategic Plan

Director’s Message

The Cherry Hill Public Library is called ‘The Heart of Town’ and we truly want to live up to this standard.

We have created five strategic visions to broaden and enhance the quality of service we provide to patrons.  These goals and tactics came out of a year of analysis, discussions, and community surveys.  

The Cherry Hill Public Library wants to address the fast pace of change in society and technology.  We want the community to use the library for reasons they told us were extremely important:  for school reasons, entertainment, a quiet place to work or read, or to use the library computers and wifi. 

To reflect the diversity of users in Cherry Hill we continue to evaluate our services, collections and programs.  In the Cherry Hill schools, 30% of students are Asian, African American, Hispanic or other racial/ethnic heritage.  More than 50 native languages are spoken by students and their families.  More than 1700 students are bilingual, and more than 160 students receive ESL services. 

Our surveys have found the community extremely satisfied with the staff courtesy and competence.   The librarians and library staff are committed to rethinking collections and addressing societal and technological shifts.    You will see us building more partnerships and on outreach in Cherry Hill.  

The Cherry Hill Public Library has a bright future worth funding, and you belong at the library!


Cherry Hill Public Library's Strategic Plan