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Maker Playground




Maker Playground

What is the Maker Playground?

The Maker Playground aspires to be an integral part of the Cherry Hill Public Library (CHPL), as well as help transform current library programming with participatory learning and creation.

The Maker Playground extends the vision and outreach of CHPL in its mission to offer superior service, excellence, and innovative technologies to the surrounding community.  It is designed to promote creativity, learning, expression, sharing, design for the educational and informational needs of the library's patrons. In particular it will encourage the use of technology, crafting, science, engineering, mathematics, and artistic/creative abilities.


Maker Playground materials and equipment is made possible by the Friends of the Cherry Hill Public Library.



Maker Equipment:


CHPL has a 3D printer!

We have a Bukobot v2 vanilla


What is 3D printing? 3D printing involves a printer that uses plastic to create 3-dimensional objects. Our particular printer is manufactured by the company Deezmaker. The printer is based off a RepRap model, which is a open source 3D printer. That makes this particular printer really adaptable and expandable for the library. It is self-replicating. If CHPL decides to upgrade or expand the scale of the printer, or if we need to replace a particular part, we most likely could print the parts we need ourselves. The Bukobot can also work with a multitude of open source software such as Cora or Repetier-Host or websites including Thingaverse or Tinkercad.   

Please visit our Events Calendar to see a demo of 3D printing or to sign up for time to print your own creations.


CHPL graciously thanks the Friends of the Cherry Hill Public Library's Giftshop for their support and extending the opportunity to acquire a 3D printer for the Cherry Hill community.


CHPL has a GoPro Hero3+ camera available for checkout.


The GoPro can be borrowed for one week! Please, call 856-903-1243 for more details. To place a hold request, please click here.


CHPL also has the following maker equipment:

  • 2 Arduino Unos
  • 2 MaKey MaKey
  • Silhouette Vinyl cutter/printer
  • Button maker and button making supplies
  • 2 Brother sewing machines
  • 2 3D Doodle pens
  • 2 Roominates Kits
  • 2 Snapcircuit Kits
  • Anime Studio Pro 9.5 drawing software
  • Wacom Bamboo tablet