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Announcing...Miss Humblebee's Academy!

Miss Humblebee’s Academy prepares your three to six year old child for success in kindergarten and beyond! This interactive online learning program provides hundreds of lessons developed based on standards from the U.S. Department of Education, Head Start, and more. Children are guided toward kindergarten proficiency while completing fun activities that introduce key concepts in math, science and social studies, language and literacy, art, and music. Sound cues allow children to work independently while assessments and progress reports measure improvements and allow you to track learning. Best of all, Miss Humblebee’s Academy is accessible on computers and tablets at home or on the go, making learning possible anytime and anywhere!


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See what our staff is reading this month!

See something you like? Click on the title to check the book's availability or call a Youth Services Librarian for assistance and more great recommendations! 856-903-1229.




 by Alex Gino


George knows she looks like a boy. Her mother and everyone else refer to her as a boy. Deep down, however, George knows that she is really a girl. She relishes the stolen moments when she can read fashion magazines and apply lip gloss. As the school play, Charlotte’s Web, approaches, the thing that George wants most in the world is to play Charlotte—a role that she is shut out of because her teacher has decided that only girls can play Charlotte. As George struggles with her desire to be recognized as a girl and her fear of what will happen to her when people find out, she discovers that to the people who love her best the pronoun she uses doesn’t really matter.

(J Fiction)


Reviewed by: Candace






The Thing About Jellyfish

 by Ali Benjamin

Suzy knows lots of facts, lots.  But even though she has lots and lots of facts and trivia, she does not have the answer as to why her best friend has passed away. This weights heavily on Suzy, to the point where she stops talking unless it is absolutely necessary.  The Thing About Jellyfish follows Suzy in the months after her friend has passed and shows how one young girl deals with friends, teachers and her parents while trying to figure out how this horrible thing could happen.

(J Fiction)


Reviewed by: Lindsey
















Lucky Strike

by Bobbie Pyron


Nate & Gen are best friends--each other's only friend--in their small town on Florida's Gulf Coast. Nate considers himself the unluckiest kid in the world. Gen, the smartest kid in Paradise Beach, does not believe in luck. But what happens when Nate is struck by lightning on his 11th birthday on April 11th? He suddenly becomes the luckiest kid in town and the center of everyone's attention. Will Nate's new popularity come between Gen and him? Sail away to Paradise Beach and meet all kinds of interesting characters who help Nate figure out the true meaning of "lucky."

(J Fiction)


Reviewed by: Julie