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The Adventures of Sophie Mouse:
A New Friend

 by Poppy Green


Sophie Mouse is excited to go back to school for another year and even more excited when the teacher announces they have a new student in class. But everyone is in for a surprise when the new student turns out to be a snake named Owen! Having heard scary stories about snakes, nobody wants to play with the slithering new student.  Will Sophie and her friends do the right thing before Owen leaves school for good?  Don't miss this adorable new series for kids just beginning chapter books!


Reviewed by: Alia






 by Donna Jo Napoli


This retelling of Cinderella is set in China during the Ming Dynasty (14th-17th century). Xing Xing is forced into a position of servitude since her father's death. Reliant upon her stepmother's generosity and fond of her stepsister, Xing Xing tries hard to bring her comfort and joy during the painful time of foot binding. The family has placed all their hopes on Xing Xing's sister obtaining the smallest feet in the land and marrying well, rescuing them all from poverty. While the broad strokes of the story retain the Cinderella aspects, the details make this a truly unique telling.


Reviewed by: Candace










The War That Saved My Life

by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley


This book is definitely deserving of the Newbery Honor award this year.  This historical fiction story is set in England during the early part of World War I.  Two young children, whose exact ages are unknown, live with their mother. Ada, the daughter, was born with a clubfoot and her mother keeps her locked in the house. She has never been outside!  As the war approaches England, all the children are sent to the countryside where they will be safer. Ada and her brother, James, sneak off together because their mother was only going to send James to the countryside. They find a home with a reluctant woman who truly cares for them, but it is an adjustment for them all.


Reviewed by: Kristin