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Summer Reader 2015

June 22-August 22

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(log from June 22 to August 22):
Visit and go to the Kids page.
Click on the link for the Summer Reading Club.
Log into your account and add minutes to your log.
Click "Enter."
For every 300 minutes of reading recorded you will be
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  • The last day to log your minutes is
    August 22, 2015.
  • Prizes must be claimed by
    August 29, 2015.

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See what our staff is reading this month!

See something you like? Click on the title to check the book's availability or call a Youth Services Librarian for assistance and more great recommendations! 856-903-1229.


Roberto and Me

 by Dan Gutman


This book is a part of Gutman's Baseball Card Adventure series. Joe Stoshack travels back in time using a baseball card to visit Roberto Clemente. Joe learns much about life during the year 1969. The book presents a lot of educational material regarding the culture, people, and the news of the era in a very entertaining, informative way. The book's ending shoots ahead to the far future and reveals what lies ahead for the planet Earth. Filled with stats on Roberto Clemente and players of his era, this book would appeal to both boys and girls who love baseball. It is interesting how the future is depicted and contains an environmentalism message. IT would especially appeal to those who love the movie Back to the Future.


Reviewed by: Diana





 by Rhonda Helms


It's not just getting asked to the prom, it's also about how you get asked! This young adult novel, just in time for prom season, is about two best friends and their ups and downs as prom season approaches. Camilla and Josh both have someone they really like who doesn't know that they are alive. Is there any chance they will get asked to the prom by that special someone? 


Reviewed by: Kristin







The Tyrant's Daughter

 by J.C. Carleson


Laila has fled her country with her brother and her mother after her father was killed in a military coup. After arriving in America, Laila must grapple with the knowledge that her father was not perceived as a king outside of their small Middle Eastern country but was seen as a dictator. She must reconcile her personal memories of her loving father with the brutal actions he took as dictator. Laila is also acclimating to the American lifestyle and attempting to be the typical teenager, even dating an American, while juggling her loyalty to her former countrymen. This novel is an engaging peek into the personal side of politics. It shows the lives that are affected beyond the headlines. It is an excellent read for those in grades 6 and above.


Reviewed by: Candace