About Us

Mission Statement

The Cherry Hill Public Library (CHPL) is committed to providing a variety of library materials and services, access to innovative technologies and a wide-range of programs to meet the informational, educational and cultural interests of residents and visitors of all ages. CHPL recognizes its value and responsibility to the community as an educational, social and cultural resource and offers its facilities to individuals, organizations and companies for meetings, workshops and other activities.

Revised: September 2005

Vision Statement

The Cherry Hill Public Library (CHPL) is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in providing public library services to the community. This can best be done by defining a set of goals and objectives that are consistent with our Mission Statement and then articulating a Vision that enables them to be attained.

The CHPL will support the educational goals of both students and non-students by providing the resources that correspond to their diverse needs.

The CHPL will encourage childrenincluding pre-schoolers, to develop a love of reading, learning, and libraries by providing materials and programs for children and parents together.

The CHPL will provide current materials of high interest in a variety of formats -- e.g., books, magazines, electronic data, videos and recordings -- for people of all ages.

The CHPL will provide timely, accurate information and reference services, employing a highly qualified staff to form the link between library materials and users in a congenial and professional manner.

The CHPL will provide citizens with information about their community, acting as a clearing-house for current data on community organizations, issues and services.

In pursuing this Vision, the CHPL will uphold the public's freedom of access to knowledge and will recognize its responsibility to provide a full range of public library services. The CHPL will stimulate the awareness and use of libraries to promote individual enlightenment, community enrichment and economic vitality throughout the region.

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Adopted: November 25, 1997

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1100 Kings Highway North
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Map Directions

From Philadelphia Area:
Route 70 East to Route 41 North (Kings Highway) Library is approximately 1/2 mile on left

From Atlantic City and South Jersey Points:
Atlantic City Expressway to North/South Freeway (Route 42) Route 42 to Interstate 295 Interstate 295 North to Route 70 West (exit 34B) Follow Route 70 West to Route 41 North Library is approximately 1/2 mile on left

From North Jersey Points:
New Jersey Turnpike Exit 4 toward Camden Route 73 North to overpass (Junction 73-38-41) Route 41 South Library is approximately 2 miles on right Alternately: Take I-295 South to Route 70 West (exit 34B) Route 41 North Library is approximately 1/2 mile on left