Featured Events for Teens

Featured Events for Teens

Visit our Events Calendar for all library programming.

Join our CHPL Teens Discord Server

We use Discord to communicate with other players during gaming programs. Email Jasmine at jriel@chplnj.org to get an invitation to join. Include your name, grade, school you attend, and your Discord username if you already have one.

Animal Crossing Open Hours
Select Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Check our Events Calendar for exact dates

Animal Crossing New Horizons players of all ages are invited to open play at CHPL Cove. Pick fruit, catch bugs, visit our virtual branch and museum, and swap recipes, fossils, furniture and clothing!

Add the library's Nintendo Friend Code, SW-7377-8544-2015, then once playing ACNH, visit your airport, and select "visit through online play" to find us.

Join our CHPL Teens Discord server to chat with other Animal Crossing players! Email Jasmine at jriel@chplnj.org to get an invitation. Include your name, grade, and school you attend in your email.

Note: Animal Crossing requires a Nintendo Online subscription for online play.